t.j. samson patient portal

by Dr. Letitia Gutkowski 3 min read

Tj Samson Patient Portal - Tj Samson Patient Portal Account

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How do I login to the Sampson Regional Medical Center portal?

This portal is for inpatients of Sampson Regional Medical Center. If you were recently admitted at Sampson Regional Medical Center, you may already be enrolled in the portal. To login, select the login button above to access the myHealthConnect portal. To learn more about myHealthConnect, click here.

What are the Sampson regional interactive web portals?

Our interactive web portals give patients within the Sampson Regional health system easy and secure access to health information, as well as online communication with staff. All of the information in our portals comes from your Sampson Regional electronic health record.

What is the MedFusion® patient portal?

Barren River Regional Cancer Center now offers the Medfusion® Patient Portal which allows patients to communicate with us through a secure, confidential and easy-to-use website. The portal provides 24-hour access to your health information. Access important health information from your medical record including medications and test results.