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This is a patient-centric healthcare blog aimed at helping patients with the most common questions, concerns and challenges they face when dealing with the healthcare system. Hi, we're the Patient Blog! We aim to make finding health articles easy and less time-consuming. We are a collective of many different professionals with various specialties that come together to get the best possible advice and newest content on a variety of different topics, demographics, and treatments. We have everything from helpful articles like "Why Is The Color Of Your Urine Important?" to in-depth looks into very specific fields like "Cognitive Aspects In Psychiatric Nursing." And if you're interested, we also have videos. The Patient Blog is an idea born out of years of experience working with patients in all types of settings like hospitals and clinics. But we recognize that there is more to patient care than medical professionals can always provide for all their patients needs. So what about us? With our articles and videos, we hope to be the go-to resource for people who need specialized information or just want to broaden their horizons by learning more about common diseases or conditions.