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by Lauryn Wehner 3 min read

Radiant Medical Group

9 hours ago Radiant Medical Group’s 900 physicians network together to contract with most major health plans to serve Medicare Advantage, Commercial and Medi-Cal members. When you select Radiant Medical Group, you have access to your community’s best hospitals and over 40 conveniently located urgent care facilities, treatment centers, and clinics. >> Go To The Portal

How do I contact Raleigh Medical Group for patient portal questions?

Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful guides to creating your account and using the patient portal are posted below. For specific questions about our patient portal, or for technical help with your portal account, please email us at patientportal@raleighmedicalgroup.com.

Does MyChart work with Reliant Medical Group?

Your use of MyChart messaging for clinical issues authorizes Reliant Medical Group to bill for the provider’s services, and you agree you are responsible for any self-pay balance if your insurance does not cover the charges. Please check with your insurance company if you have any questions.

Is there a patient portal available?

Our web-based patient portal is now available! If you are an existing patient, you may view test results, schedule an appointment, ask questions, pay bills, request prescription refills and utilize other helpful features. To create a new patient portal account or if you are a returning user, click here:

How do I create a patient portal account?

To create a new patient portal account or if you are a returning user, click here: To view the patient portal on your smart phone please install the appropriate application below: Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful guides to creating your account and using the patient portal are posted below.


Did we call you about a positive COVID test result?

If you received a phone call from Reliant informing you of a COVID positive test result, view our care instructions and ways to keep other around you healthy.

COVID-19 Information

Get important information about how Reliant is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Changes to Lab Hours

We have temporarily changed some of our laboratory hours. Please check the website before visiting, as hours may change.

Are you a MyChart Member?

Reliant Medical Group offers MyChart. With this Internet connection to your doctor’s office and to parts of your actual medical record, you can schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, review portions of your health history, pay your Reliant bill and more – online, any time!

Subscribe to the Reliant Pulse

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