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by Mr. Keith Bosco PhD 7 min read

Brigham Young University - Redirecting to /uPortal

19 hours ago Health Plan. Brochure; Discount Services; DMBA Handbooks; Health Plan ID Card ... (801-422-2771) or schedule an appointment through the patient portal. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Oaks Hills Pharmacy. The Pharmacy located in the BYU Student Health Center is now the Oak Hills Pharmacy. 801-422-5171. Where To Find Us. Contact Us (801) 422-2771 (801) 422 ... >> Go To The Portal

Are we just not posting grades on time now?

The deadline has passed and 4/6 of my class grades aren’t posted. If you can’t stick to deadlines, don’t hold students to deadlines

Why are all the roads and parking lots barricaded?

I live in Wymount and even our road is barricaded. I can't turn left out of or get back into my own apartment complex.

Looking for recommendations for creamery playlist

Working on making the best playlist for work so that my employees and my customers are jamming the whole time

Do y'all think we'll go back online because of Omicron?

I've heard some schools are going online for the first two weeks of the upcoming semester but BYU hasn't said anything. They haven't said anything about masks either, though I doubt they'll take away the mandate to wear them in class anytime soon.

How does one go about finding a ride from Arizona to Utah for the start of the semester?

Are there active ride boards that people are aware of that they could point me to?