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by Vivianne Corwin 4 min read

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6 hours ago Tailwind Patient Portal Manage your work orders, keep track of your inventory and monitor your customer equipment, all in one convenient place with the new TailWind Customer Portal. >> Go To The Portal

What is the dentist portal?

With the Dentist Portal, you can check appointments, analyze production and income, review patient information, monitor patient satisfaction and more, right from your mobile device or computer. With the Patient Portal, your patients can check and confirm appointments, review account balances, check prescriptions, contact the dentist and more without calling the office.

Can you see your dentist's appointments?

Instead of calling or emailing your office, patients can view upcoming appointments, current balances, and prescriptions on their mobile devices or computers. They can also confirm appointments and contact the dentist using the portal.

Welcome to High Point Dentistry!

At High Point Dentistry, our goal is just that – to provide a high point in your dental health!

Emergency Dental Treatments

Did you suddenly crack or even lose a tooth? Dental emergencies happen unexpectedly and can be painful or dangerous if left untreated. Luckily, we have a dentist on call who can help you restore your damaged teeth. We also offer advice on what to do if we can’t schedule an appointment with you immediately.

Implant Learning Center

Dental implants are one of the best options for missing teeth! If you are looking for a solution for missing teeth, dental implants may be a great option! You can find out more about dental implants in our Implant Learning Center and by scheduling a free implant consultation.