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Patient Portal | Advocate Sherman Hospital | Elgin, IL

31 hours ago Patients of Sherman Oaks Hospital are eligible to use the Patient Portal; Currently, only patients that have been admitted after July 8, 2014 can access the Patient Portal; Sign On View and Update Information. After activation, you can begin accessing your Patient Portal by visiting and logging in with your username and password. What If I Forget … >> Go To The Portal

What is the Advocate Sherman Hospital Patient Portal?

The Advocate Sherman Hospital patient portal is a free, password-protected, web-based service that allows Sherman patients to securely access portions of their electronic medical record related to hospital visits, procedures and tests. Received a portal invitation via email or already a member?

Where is Advocate Sherman Hospital Elgin IL?

Location. Advocate Sherman Hospital is located at 1425 North Randall Rd . in Elgin, IL. Contact the main lobby at 1-847-742-9800 or call 1-800-323-8622 to schedule an appointment.

Why choose Sherman Oaks Hospital?

Sherman Oaks Hospital is excited to offer you a secure and convenient way to manage and access your health information when and where you need it. With your personalized Patient Portal account, you can view your health information online anytime.

What is MyMy Sheridan health and how does it work?

My Sheridan Health is an online patient portal giving you secure, convenient, 24-hour access to your personal health information as well as access to Video Visits with your provider. Patients of Sheridan Memorial Hospital and affiliated clinics can use it to:

What is Advocate Sherman Hospital?

At Advocate Sherman Hospital, your satisfaction is important to us. Our goal is to both meet and exceed your expectations of us. Your nurse will be able to provide you with most of what you may need during your stay, but please let us know if there is something that we can do to help make your stay more comfortable.

Is Advocate Sherman Hospital stressful?

While you are with us at Advocate Sherman Hospital, we will strive to keep you informed and involved in your care. The priority of the staff at Advocate Sherman Hospital is to provide quality care to all our patients and to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

How do I sign up for the Patient Portal?

Start by providing your email address to the registration clerk, or visit our Health Information Management Department (HIM). To protect your privacy, our staff will need to see your photo ID.

Sign On

After activation, you can begin accessing your Patient Portal by visiting and logging in with your username and password.


When Can I see my results? Your test results in most cases will be available 36 hours after discharge.

What is MySheridanHealth?

MySheridanHealth is a patient portal that provides you with secure and convenient online access to your medical record information on care you received at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and its clinics. Information found on the patient portal may be viewed, downloaded and printed.#N#*An email address is necessary for enrollment.

What is discharge instructions?

Hospital discharge instructions. Create your own personal health record to track additional health-related activity or appointments. Access to another patient’s medical information may be granted under the following conditions: Parents or legal guardians who have children under the age of 18.