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Quality of Life Health Services

25 hours ago Quality Life . Mental Health Clinic and Wellness Center phone: 701-478-0333 fax: 701-478-0434 1316 23rd St. S Fargo, ND 58103 [email protected] >> Go To The Portal

Why choose quality of life health services?

We believe everyone deserves quality health care. You may qualify for our sliding fee or adjustable payment plan. At Quality of Life Health Services, Inc., the patient is the most important part of the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Why quality of life medical and Research Center?

Quality of Life Medical and Research Center is a multispecialty medical center providing primary and specialty care for our patients, and conducting clinical trials for a variety of sponsors and contract research organizations. Located in Tucson, Arizona, we have a rich history of serving the people of Southern Arizona.

What does Qol have to offer you?

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What are the ingredients in quality of life?

Quality of Life’s “other ingredients” are made from natural sources like vegetable cellulose, rice flour, and cornstarch. We do not use the excipient magnesium stearate because research suggests it may inhibit nutrient absorption (the last thing you want in a nutritional supplement!) and that it may also slow...


About Us

Quality of Life Inc. (QLI) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. QLI works to inspire, promote, and enhance the “Quality of Life” of youth and their families in our community through personal, educational, and social development and growth. Continue reading “Your well-being matters.”

Our Focus

We provide services to the community from referrals, for programming, and with partnerships.


Deuene Hickman is the Executive Director and founder of Quality of Life, Inc. He began his journey of mentoring, coaching, and empowering youth more than 15 years ago and has yet to look back. With a deep rooted passion in helping at-risk youth and their families, Hickman parlayed his business

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