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MyHealth Info | Northfield Hospital & Clinics

15 hours ago Already have an account? Login; Accessible login for visually impaired; Need to setup an account? Call 866-465-9005. Self-Enroll - Click on the Create an Account tab. You need to be a current patient of Northfield Hospital + Clinics and have an email address listed in your account before you can sign up. >> Go To The Portal

How do I sign up for Northfield Hospital + Clinics?

In order to set up an account, you need to be a patient with Northfield Hospital + Clinics and have an email in your account. If you do not have an email in your account, call to enroll. You can also print off and complete the MyHealth Info sign-up form (pdf) and turn it in at a clinic or the hospital front desk.

How do I access the my portal (patient portal)?

If you are already enrolled, please log into the hospital’s My Portal (Patient Portal). During your hospital visit you will receive an email invitation to My Portal (Patient Portal). If you do not receive an invitation please contact the Medical Records Department.

How do I contact technical support for the patient portal?

Technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, (877) 621-8014. Technical support staff can help locate the invitation, provide assistance enrolling, logging in and navigating within My Portal (Patient Portal); however they are unable to assist with clinical questions.

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How to sign up for Northside?

There are two simple ways to sign up for your personal access. 1 Personal Invite - During your visit to Northside you provided us with your personal e-mail for your invitation.#N#Click on the link included in your e-mail from Northside or cut and paste to your web browser to activate your account. 2 Register - If you have not already provided us with your personal e-mail, you may access the MyOneChart site and register .

How to contact MyOneChart?

Once you access your MyOneChart account, if you do not see the health information you're looking for please call 404-531-5888 . Patients over 14 years of age who provided their registrar with an email address will automatically receive an email invitation to sign up for their MyOneChart account.

Connecting My Portal With Other Apps

Dignity Health is committed to providing the tools you need to better manage your health. If you’re enrolled in our My Portal patient portal, you’ll soon have the ability to connect select health management apps to your personal health information. To learn more, click here .

General Enrollment FAQs

My Portal (Patient Portal) is a website that allows you a convenient and secure way to view portions of your medical records and in some locations communicate with participating provider’s health care team. Within your My Portal (Patient Portal) account, you will be able to do the following: