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Patients & Visitors | Stephens County Hospital | Toccoa GA

18 hours ago WebPatients & Visitors. The support of family and friends can be critical in helping patients get on their way to feeling better. We warmly welcome friends and family at Stephens County … >> Go To The Portal

What is the patient portal hotline?from thundermisthealth.org

Portal Support. Patient Portal Hotline: 401-424-9308. If you need Patient Portal Support or would like to contact a member of our team, please call your local office, weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.:

What is portal in healthcare?from thundermisthealth.org

The Portal is a secure website that allows you to view parts of your personal health record and to communicate with members of your care team.

What is the portal number?from thundermisthealth.org

Call the Portal Hotline at (401) 424-9308 – Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Is the Patient Portal intended for emergency use?from thundermisthealth.org

a. The Patient Portal is not intended for use in emergencies. If you require urgent medical care, please call 911.

Is Banner Thunderbird a Level 1 Trauma Center?from bannerhealth.com

We are proud to announce Banner Thunderbird is now a Level I Adult Trauma Center for patients 15 and older. Designation as an Arizona Level I Trauma Center means Banner Thunderbird can provide total care for every aspect of injury, greatly reducing the need to transfer patients outside the area for life-saving treatment. Examples of injuries a Level I can treat include traumatic car crash injuries, gunshot victims, stab wounds and traumatic brain injuries.

How to reset patient portal password?from stpetes.org

Your log on ID and password can be reset by using the links on the Patient Portal logon page. This will also unlock a locked Patient Portal. When these requests are made the information entered must match your Patient Portal account. If you need assistance, please contact Patient Portal Support.

What is a patient portal registration form?from stpetes.org

An individual Patient Portal Registration Form is a legal document completed by by an adult patient giving St. Peter's Health permission to create a Patient Portal.

How to log into a patient portal?from saintpetershcs.com

How Do I Login to the Patient Portal? 1 Click login to the Patient Portal 2 Enter your Login ID, which is the email address you provided at the doctor’s office 3 Enter your temporary password you received at your office visit 4 Click Login 5 Create a new password and answer the two hint questions 6 Click Edit Patient Account 7 Click Preferred Method of Contact 8 Check the box, Yes, I want to receive secure messages 9 Click Submit to complete your registration.

What to do if you are not receiving secure emails?from saintpetershcs.com

Remember to check your spam or junk mail folder if you are not receiving your e-mails informing you of secure messages. You may need to enter the email address into your contact list to prevent this from occurring.

What to communicate with a provider's office?from saintpetershcs.com

Communicate with a provider's office with questions, requests for medication refills and scheduling questions

What does a medical record number look like?from stpetes.org

Medical Record Numbers will not be provided by email or over the phone. Your Medical Record Number starts with an “M” and looks like M000055555.