i forgot my medconnect patient portal login

by Daisy Stokes MD 7 min read

Login - Patient Portal (Powered by MedConnect)

10 hours ago WebDO NOT use the Patient Portal to communicate an emergency or an urgent issue! If you have a medical emergency, you should immediately dial 911. Welcome to the Online Patient … >> Go To The Portal

  • Step 1. Go to Medconnect Patient Portal Reset Password​ website using the links below
  • Step 2. Enter your Username and Password and click on Log In
  • Step 3. If there are any problems, here are some of our suggestions

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Why choose medconnect Health’s EHR?

Why Your Practice Needs Our Cloud-Based EHR One of the major advantages to MedConnect Health’s EHR solution is that it is cloud-based. But is that really an advantage?

What is easy to use medconnecthealth?

Easy to Use MedConnectHealth provides a scheduling package that is sure to meet the needs of any clinic. Customizable Templates Color-Coded Visit Types Multiple Provider Views

Can I use the patient portal to communicate an emergency?

DO NOT use the Patient Portal to communicate an emergency or an urgent issue! If you have a medical emergency, you should immediately dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Welcome to the Online Patient Portal!


How do I reset my password in patient portal?

Reset PasswordOn the logon page, click Forgot password.In Email or Username, type your username or verified email address. ... Click Submit. ... Open the email you received and click Password Reset.On the Reset Password page, do the following: ... Click Submit.

How do I change my Medconnect password?

To Change the Password Select MY PROFILE and then PASSWORD MANAGEMENT. Enter the new password on the following screen and then select CHANGE PASSWORD.

How do I delete my patient portal account?

Contact your doctor's office directly and ask them to disable your account. Your doctor has the ability to deactivate your Health Center account. You may contact your doctor's office directly and ask them to disable your account.

What is a patient portal app?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as: Recent doctor visits. Discharge summaries. Medications.

How do I contact Patient Access?

If you would like to speak to the team in real time, please use live chat by accessing www.patientaccess.com and clicking contact support in the bottom right corner. Do not submit any queries about your medical condition or medications.

How do I change my email address on patient access?

Change account detailsSelect your name in the top right hand corner.Select Account. ... In the Sign in details section, next to Mobile Number, select Verify.Edit or add your email address and/or phone number accordingly.Enter your existing password to confirm the changes.Select Save changes.

How do you delete a message on patient portal?

If you haven't already, open Patient Gateway Mail by clicking Mail on the main menu. Delete messages sent to you by doing either of the following: From the mailbox where the message is stored, click the check box to its left to select it. Next, click Delete.

Why do patients not use patient portals?

Disadvantages of patient portals result in these lower rates of use. For some people, they avoid using the portals altogether for reasons like security issues, low health literacy, or lack of internet. Even for those who do access their accounts, there are still other disadvantages of patient portals.

Can patient portals be hacked?

Health outcomes improve. Unfortunately, what makes your patient portal valuable for patients is exactly what makes it attractive to cybercriminals. It's a one-stop shop for entire health records, and identity thieves can make a fast buck from stealing this data and selling it on.

Do patients use patient portals?

Among individuals who were offered a patient portal, about eight in 10 were encouraged by their health care provider to use it. Seventy-one percent of individuals encouraged by their health care provider accessed their portal at least once in the past year compared to 48 percent who were not encouraged.

What information can be accessed through a patient portal?

The features of patient portals may vary, but typically you can securely view and print portions of your medical record, including recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications, immunizations, allergies, and most lab results anytime and from anywhere you have Web access.

What are the pros and cons of patient portals?

From better patient engagement to difficulty with patient buy-in, patient portals present numerous challenges and benefits to enhance quality of care.Pro: Better communication with chronically ill patients.Con: Healthcare data security concerns.Pro: More complete and accurate patient information.More items...•

What should be included in a patient portal?

A robust patient portal should include the following features:Clinical summaries.Secure (HIPAA-compliant) messaging.Online bill pay.New patient registration.Ability to update demographic information.Prescription renewals and contact lens ordering.Appointment requests.Appointment reminders.More items...

What types of patient portals are there?

There are two main types of patient portals: a standalone system and an integrated service. Integrated patient portal software functionality usually comes as a part of an EMR system, an EHR system or practice management software. But at their most basic, they're simply web-based tools.

What is MedConnect Health?from medconnecthealth.com

MedConnect Health is the leading provider of quality cloud-based healthcare software solutions. Click to view our solutions & request a demo.

Who is the founder of MedConnectHealth?from medconnecthealth.com

MedConnectHealth was formed in 2004 by founder Jimmy Chapman with the purpose of providing quality cloud-based healthcare software solutions that are reliable and affordable for your practice.

What is practice management software?from medconnecthealth.com

Practice management software is an essential component of any modern medical facility. Without this solution, organizing a medical practice would be extremely labor-intensive and subject to significant human error.

Is MedConnect cloud based?from medconnecthealth.com

One of the major advantages to MedConnect Health’s EHR solution is that it is cloud-based. But is that really an advantage? The answer is a resoundingyes”!

How to contact KRMC?from azkrmc.com

Must have a valid email address on file with KRMC. If you have questions or need assistance in using either portal, please contact KRMC Medical Records at 928-263-4500. ALSO SEE: About Your Medical Records at KRMC.

What are the rights of a person to get a copy of their medical records?from azkrmc.com

According to federal law, you have the right to copies of your medical records, which can include medical test results, laboratory reports, doctor’s notes, and billing information.