how can i add another patient on childrens mercy portal

by Lura Wisozk 3 min read

Patient Portal | Children's Mercy Kansas City

36 hours ago The MyChildrensMercy patient portal provides you access to your child's health information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, you will be able to: Reschedule or cancel an appointment. View lab results. Message your care providers. View medication list. >> Go To The Portal

For new accounts for patients over 18 years of age

If this is a new patient portal account for a child who is over 18 years of age, please have them follow the instructions for "I am enrolling for the first time."

To regain access to accounts for patients who have turned 18 years of age

If you had a patient portal account and your child is now over the age of 18, access to their account will be removed. We can help you regain that access with their permission.

Guardians needing access

If the young adult is not able to give consent, they will not be permitted to have access to the patient portal. The legal guardianship can register to access the patient portal.

How to add dependent to MyMercy?

Once you have the access code, log into your own account > point to the ' Settings' option in the navigation bar. Then click ' Account Access' option in the drop-down menu followed by ' Add Dependent' option. MyMercy will walk you through the steps to gain access to set up your child's MyMercy account.

How to grant access to MyMercy account?

Your family members must grant you access to their MyMercy accounts if they choose. They can do this by logging in to MyMercy > pointing to the ' Settings' option in the navigation bar > clicking on the ' Account Access' option in the drop-down menu > then looking for and clicking on the ' Grant Access' option.

How long does it take for a Mercy test to be available?

The date, test, status and who ordered the test are all shown in your results. Some results may take hours to process, while others may take days or weeks to process. A result of ' Available on' means that the results will be available on MyMercy soon, but are not yet shown due to Mercy policy.

How to grant proxy access to MyMercy?

To grant proxy access, log into your MyMercy account > point to the ' Settings' option in the navigation bar, > click on the ' Account Access - Grant Access' option. MyMercy will walk you through the steps for granting others access to your MyMercy account.

How to contact MyMercy for help?

If matching information is not found, contact MyMercy customer service at 1-888-98-MERCY or 1-888-986-3729 for help.

Can you see your prescriptions on Mercy?

Yes. You will be able to see the information that Mercy specialty doctors enter in your medical record, such as, medications they're prescribing for you. You may also see information about your visits with Mercy specialists using the MyMercy 'Past Appointments' feature.

Can you access MyMercy without a password?

You control your password, and your MyMercy information cannot be accessed without that password. MyMercy also uses the latest encryption technology and does not store any personal health information on your computer.