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5 hours ago Hackley Community Care has been providing quality health care services since 1992. In the beginning our services were primarily centered on pregnant moms and new moms with infant … >> Go To The Portal

What is HCC counseling?

Free counseling sessions to those that have been given an emotional medical diagnosis or are dealing with any issues that might affect your health. HCC partners with Spiritual Care Consultants to address your “spiritual” health as part of our HCC Philosophy to address the whole person.

What is the goal of HCC?

The goal is to ensure you, the patient achieve quality health outcomes.

What is the number to call for Medicaid?

If you are uninsured and need assistance with applying for health insurance on the Marketplace, please call an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at 733-6795.

How to transfer to Hackley Community Care?

If you are looking to transfer your care to Hackley Community Care, please call the New Patient Access Line at 231-733-6750. Our Patient Advocate will be able to address all of your questions and concerns during your call. Once you are established as a new patient and have your first appointment, your Hackley Community Care provider will decide at your first visit what records will be needed from your previous provider. We will have you sign a Release of Records form to get your records from that office.

What does FQHC mean?

FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Center. The FQHC benefit under Medicare was added effective October 1, 1991 when section 1861 (aa) of the Social Security Act was amended by Section 4161 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. FQHC’s are “safety net” providers whose main purpose is to enhance the provision of primary care services in underserved urban and rural communities.

Is Hackley Community Care affiliated with Mercy Health?

Hackley Community Care is independent from Mercy Health partners. Our roots go back to Hackley Hospital opening us up in 1992 and all though we formally disaffiliated from Hackley Hospital in 2000, we retain a positive working relationship with the Hospital.

Our goals include

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Medical Services

Hackley Community Care has been providing quality health care services since 1992.