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Patient Portal - Fair Oaks Women's Health - FOWH

32 hours ago Download Patient Portal FAQ's. To access this FAQ online, first login to your FOWH athena portal, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the FAQ link. click here for "Patient Portal Benefits". click here for "Patient Portal: How to Sign Up and Why". … >> Go To The Portal

Where is Fair Oaks Women's Health located?

Get Directions 625 S Fair Oaks Ave Ste 255 Pasadena, CA 91105 Message the Business Collections Including Fair Oaks Women's Health 9 YelpMD By Lisa C.

What can I do in the patient portal?

You can use the patient portal to request an appointment, pay your bill, confirm normal test results, or view your health records.  All communications between you and your provider's office are carried over a secure, encrypted connection. As a Women's Health Connecticut patient, all you need is an email address to enroll.

What is the Women's Health Connecticut patient portal?

Patient Portal Women's Health Connecticut's secure Patient Portal makes it easy to communicate with your ObGyn and healthcare team. You can use the patient portal to request an appointment, pay your bill, confirm normal test results, or view your health records.

What services do we offer women's healthcare?

We offer comprehensive and convenient women's healthcare ranging from routine prenatal care to high-risk pregnancy care (our doctors have delivered over 300 sets of twins.) and complete gynecology services including minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic hysterectomy, well-women exams with pap smears and HPV testing, and everything in between.…



We provide a full range of Obstetrics services including normal and high-risk pregnancy, multiple gestation, genetic testing, and full-time in-office 3D and 4D ultrasound. We can even perform fetal monitoring on-site as needed.


We provide comprehensive Gynecology services including Well-Woman care for ages 18 to 80, STI evaluation, Contraception, Cancer Screening, Hormonal Problems, Gyn surgery (including complex laparoscopic procedures) and more.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-identical hormone therapy using small pellets placed under the skin can help boost your energy, increase libido, improve your mood, help you sleep better, and more. For Men or Women ! Also see our Pasadena Pellet Therapy website.

Vaginal Laser

The Valayza™ Procedure uses the MonaLisa Touch™ laser to renew, restore and revive! Renew the vaginal lining, restore the tissues to a more youthful state with increased vaginal moisture and lubrication and revive your sex life!


The world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive fat cell destruction of the abdomen, flanks, back, or inner and outer thighs. Three simple treatments spaced 6 weeks apart can help reduce unwanted fat and inches.

Getting Started

Our services include comprehensive ob/gyn medical care for women of all ages.

Please arrive early

New patients, please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes early for this first appointment to allow us enough time to enter or update your personal, insurance and health information. We guarantee to keep all of your personal information private. This is the law (a Federal law called HIPAA). Click here for our privacy policy.

Parking – we do not validate

Please note that you pay the cashier BEFORE returning to your car or with a credit card at the exit gate. To save money (but with a little more walking) some patients park in the Huntington Hospital EAST Parking structure, a building just south of ours. The entrance is off Fairmount Ave. across from the Emergency Dept.

Our Lab

We have an on-site lab, called Primex. This is a separate company and is not part of Fair Oaks Women's Health. They provide a convenience for our patients by being located in our office. Not all patients can use Primex, please check with your Insurance Provider.

It is your responsibility to know which lab your insurance is contracted with

Some Health Plans require us to use Quest Lab. Some require us to send all pap smears to Primex. Some use LabCorp. If your insurance requires us to use a different lab than mentioned above, you need to let us know.

Meet Our Specialist

Our Philosophy is to have the closest relationship with our patients, guiding them through tough times, with the highest level of nurturing provided.

Our Services

Dr. Singh prides herself in staying up to date on the latest in surgical innovation. She is skilled in minimally invasive surgery as well as more complicated surgical procedures. Each patient’s treatment planned is tailored specifically on their needs.

Our Testimonials

I am beyond grateful to have been in the care of Dr. Singh for the delivery of my son. After unforeseen complications during his birth, Dr. Singh’s experienced, attentive, and assertive demeanor saved my life, while her compassionate and supportive presence guided my husband and me through an extremely difficult experience. Dr.