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Where do I Send my payment to Carilion Clinic?

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Why choose Carilion Clinic?

Carilion Clinic offers a secure, convenient online tool to manage your family’s health care anytime, anywhere, at no charge. Sign up for MyChart and find out for yourself: on your desktop or with our mobile app, managing your health has never been easier. header and blurb Get active with MyChart today! Login now .

How do I sign in to Carilion bill pay from MyChart?

If you need to recover your password, try Passport Technical problems can be reported through Edison Further assistance can be obtained by calling the Technology Service Center at 540.224.1599 Electronic Safety Data Sheets

How does Carilion determine my eligibility for financial assistance?

This includes language interpretation services to people whose primary language is not English. If you need language interpretation or other language services, please notify your caregiver or a Carilion Clinic staff member, or contact us by calling 800-422-8482 or emailing


What is parking attendant service?

Parking attendants provide service on all three floors of the Crystal Spring garage. Upon entry, parking staff tell patients which floor is closest to their required service. From each floor, staff are available with wheelchair assistance into the building.

How many hours do volunteers work?

Volunteers provide service to patients, guests and staff in 38 different assignment areas and generally work between three and five hours, one day a week. Collectively, volunteers donate thousands of service hours each year with an annual value of $500,000 to the organization.

Does Blue Ridge Cancer Care provide valet parking?

Full valet parking service is provided to patients and their drivers. This service is provided for Cancer Center patients as well as those visiting the Blue Ridge Cancer Care physician office.

Where is the guarantor number on a carilion bill?

To register with Carilion Bill Pay, you'll need a copy of your billing statement so you can enter the guarantor number, which is found in the upper right-hand corner. You'll create a unique user name and password that you will use each time you log in to Carilion Bill Pay.

What happens if you are responsible for a medical bill after a visit?

If you are responsible for any costs after your visit, you'll receive a statement showing what you owe. By understanding your statement, you're on track to proactively manage your health care.


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