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Back to Basics: Patient Portal - Ambra Health

30 hours ago  · Back to Basics: Patient Portal. By Anna Schmidt · May 28, 2020. In today’s climate, providing your patients with anytime access to their imaging can be critical to minimizing in-person contact and maximizing automated workflows. With Ambra’s self-service Patient Portal, you can create a more automated way to share studies with patients than simply sharing via … >> Go To The Portal

Our Story

Back to Basics has been established after years of seeing patients TOLD what to do instead of meeting a patient where they are in life. At Back to Basics, we firmly believe patients have a right to lead their own health journey. We understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey and we want to help guide you to optimal health.

Our Services

Yearly Physicals, Sports physicals, Well child visits, medication refills and Nutritional IV therapy are offered. Please call or email below to schedule. We work with your schedule.


We have chosen not to enroll with insurances in order to be able to care for you with extended appointment times and a care plan, that as a team (patient and provider), fits best with the patient. We try to keep costs low and fair. We want you to get the care you deserve.

How to keep your back aligned while driving?

The back support helps keep the spine aligned while sitting or driving. These supports do not have to be expensive. Something as easy as a small pillow or a rolled-up towel placed in the back of a chair can create the support necessary for maintaining a healthy back. This is particularly helpful if sitting for long periods of time, such as during a car or plane trip. Occasionally, even when all preventive measures have been taken, there may be pain. This is where an orthopedic specialist can often help. A medical evaluation can often diagnose spine or disc problems, as well as rule out other potential problems. This evaluation can include an in-depth medical history, physical exam, and diagnostic testing.

How to improve flexibility in back?

Before doing any work or exercise, it is important to “warm up” your body. Slow, deliberate stretches help improve flexibility. These warm ups reduce the incidence of back injuries. There are a large number of suitable stretching programs. Your doctor can help determine which stretches would be best for you.

How to help a disc?

This simple exercise is helpful in many ways. Walking helps lubricate the discs (the shock absorbers in the back) by moving fluid in and out. Since the discs do not receive a blood supply, this movement of fluid is the only way to provide nutrients to the discs. The fluid keeps the discs spongy and flexible. Walking also helps strengthen muscles in the back and legs, which provide additional support.

How does a kiosk help patients?

Kiosk can help increase your patients’ satisfaction while freeing your front-office staff to focus on direct patient care. For those who are unable to make it to an in-person office visit, healow TeleVisits allow providers to deliver an in-office experience to patients with online ease.

Why is it important to engage patients?

Developing an effective strategy to engage your patients is key to maximizing the success of your practice. As patients grow more knowledgeable about medicine, giving them the means to play an active role in their healthcare is becoming a given.

What is eClinicalMessenger campaign?

Throughout the year, tools like eClinicalMessenger ® campaigns target patients who can benefit from additional health reminders. From simple appointment reminders, flu and vaccine campaigns, to post-visit surveys, there are dozens of ways we can effectively engage your patients.