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14 Street Medical

21 hours ago Columbus Ave MedicalArts. 912 Columbus Ave, NY, NY 10025. Book Appointment. Radiology MedicalArts. 500 E 14 Street, NY, NY 10009. Book Appointment. Call (212) 481-3333 or email … >> Go To The Portal

How do I contact 14 Street Medical Center?

500 E 14 Street, NY, NY 10009 Phone: (212) 481-3333 Fax: (212) 253-4242 info@14streetmedical.com Copyright © MedicalArts.

Where is 14th Street Medical Arts Center in New York?

Looking for premier medical office in New York? 14th Street Medical Arts Center is located next to Stuyvesant Town, on East 14th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue. 14th Street Medical Arts Center in New York, Ny : Contact

What is the online patient portal?

Our Online Patient Portal facilitates better communication with our practice by providing established patients convenient and secure access 24 x 7. Although this tool is designed to be a convenient resource for our patients, it should not take the place of any important communications about your care.


What is MedicalArts Center?from 14streetmedical.com

MedicalArts Center in New York City is a team of Board-Certified Primary Care Physicians and Specialists working towards the common goal of achieving our patients' long term health objectives through attentive personal care and advanced medical technology. Our physicians provide diagnostic, treatment, and preventative services to optimize our patients’ well-being. Our providers work thoroughly with patients to develop long-term solutions to chronic and/or acute illnesses across a comprehensive range of medical specialties. Internal Medicine Doctors will channel and navigate all your medical needs.

Where are meds injected?from 14streetmedical.com

Injection: The drugs are injected directly into a vein. This is done to help your blood vessels, urinary tract, liver, or gallbladder stand out in the image.

What tests are performed at an internal medicine clinic?from 14streetmedical.com

During this initial visit, our providers will conduct certain routine office procedures and diagnostic tests, as needed, such as Blood Work, EKG, Ultrasounds, or any other imaging tests necessary, to create underlying diagnostics and data for successful treatment plan.

What are the conditions that physical therapists treat?from 14streetmedical.com

Our team of experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy will be able to diagnose and put in place comprehensive treatment for various orthopedic conditions such as: fractures, sprain, strain, whiplash injuries, arthritis, job - related injuries. Neurologic cases like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Post- Stroke, as well as post-op surgeries of the knee, neck, back, ankle etc.

What is 9th Street Internal Medicine?from nsimonline.com

Ninth Street Internal Medicine has long been recognized for over 30 years as one of the premier primary care practices for adults in the Delaware Valley. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners and highly trained staff is dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized and attentive care for all of our patients. We strive to ensure that all patients receive the quality care they need based on the best scientific evidence for acute problems, chronic disease and disease prevention. As a result of our systematic emphasis on continuous quality improvement and patient safety, we were one of the first practices in the country to earn the highest level of recognition as a Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

What is patient centered medical home?from nsimonline.com

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a new and innovative way of providing primary care services. The goal is better care for you, our patient. It builds on the personal relationship that you already have with your trusted physician or nurse practitioner.