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Sabates Eye Centers Kansas City, MO | Patient Portal

34 hours ago It Stays Private. Unlike emails that use multiple servers over the Internet, Patient Portal technology employs a single server secured by both a firewall and 128-bit encryption to safeguard your privacy. This is the same type of security that banks use for their online banking. It’s easy! Simply call our scheduling department at 913-261-2020 ... >> Go To The Portal

Why choose LogLog-in Sabates eye centers?

Log-In Sabates Eye Centers provides access to Patient Portal, a valuable service from that you can use to eliminate time-consuming phone calls and enable online access to our office. When it’s not an emergency but you need answers to your questions, give Patient Portal a try.

What can I do in the patient portal?

The Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 access to records, labs, and secure messages, anywhere and on any device. Patients can update demographics, complete forms and questionnaires, request prescription refills, access educational materials, request appointments through healow® Open Access®, join a telehealth visit, make a payment, and more.

How do I get my mybswhealth access code?

Your MyBSWHealth account is secure, and only you can access your private information. Contact your physician's office to request your MyBSWHealth access code or ask for your code during your next scheduled appointment. Watch our short video about the benefits of our MyBSWHealth patient portal.


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For more than 55 years, we have built this practice around helping people see their best. That means providing the best specialists for each part of the eye and every type of vision problem. From physicians at the top of their field, along with staff always delivering five star patient care.

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From general eye care to the most advanced surgeries and treatments, our ophthalmologists aren't just the leaders in eye care. They're educators training the next generation of eye doctors. So you know you're getting the eye care you deserve. Serving eight Kansas City locations. Come see the best.

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We all want to look younger. Natural signs of aging can make you appear tired or sad, or just look older than you feel. Self-confidence matters at every stage of life. Cosmetic eye procedures – some surgical, some not – can improve how we see ourselves. Sometimes, they can actually improve how we see.

What Our Patients Say

What a caring place. From the staff checking you in, all the nurses working there, and the Doctors. Dr. Camejo is awesome. Sometimes it hard to find a place where everyone is concerned with your health, and eye health is VERY IMPORTANT. this place IS it. Thank You

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Paying for Your Eye Care

Compared to many health care services, the billing process for eye care is among the easiest to understand. Yet some procedures, medications and prescription eyewear are handled differently by insurance providers, including Medicare.

Go Green

Receive eStatements instead of paper statements. You can easily enroll in electronic statements when paying your bill online.