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by Bernita Gaylord 8 min read

Raden Wellness Center, Chicago | For Optimal Health

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A clear and complete picture of your health

Our functional medicine practice provides what traditional medicine often misses: a clear and complete picture of your health down to the level of your cells and biological systems. We utilize objective, comprehensive testing to curate an individualized wellness plan that empowers you to achieve lifelong health and vitality.

Meet our wellness experts that are here to help

A curated approach to health that gives patients of any age or stage of life the tools that claim lifelong health and vitality. Achieving optimal wellness the Raden way — from the inside out.

Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program

By conducting a comprehensive assessment, we focus on your unique metabolic needs to develop an individualized plan for healing and optimal success. Our judgement-free functional nutrition center empowers you with the knowledge of your specific needs and the guidance to transform your relationship with food.

What is a PCC patient portal?

MyPCC, our patient portal, is a secure online website that gives patients easy 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. With a MyPCC account, you can access this information through the PCC website. You will log into the portal using a secure username and password.

What is PCC's new electronic health record?

PCC's new electronic health record is athenahealth. This product's Patient Portal will make communicating with your provider and your health center much easier.