qualifacts patient portal

by Darrick Roob 7 min read

Qualifacts EHRs

35 hours ago With the client portal, patients can fill out your custom forms and provide their signatures. Fewer patients filling out forms in the lobby means faster check-ins and less exposure for immune … >> Go To The Portal

Why did qualifacts choose carelogic?

“We chose Qualifacts and their integrated CareLogic EHR platform because of their proven record of providing solutions that support the unique programs we offer. There are many EHR vendors out there, but we need a platform that is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare providers like us.

How do I log in to my Patient Portal?

To get to your patient portal, you’ll need to contact your medical provider’s office for the web address. They can also provide you with instructions on how to register and log in if you need them. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this misunderstanding may have caused you. How can I reset my password, security question, or access code?

What should I do if I have technical issues with patient portal?

You will need to contact your medical provider’s office for any technical issues. But before you do, please check that you’re attempting to access your patient portal from a desktop computer using a Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari browser. This may solve the problem. If not, your medical provider can supply additional assistance.


What to do if you have issues logging into your patient portal?

If you’re having issues logging into your patient portal, please contact your medical provider’s office for support.

What do you do if you are an authorized caregiver?

If you are an authorized caregiver that needs help accessing a family member’s account, you will need to contact that family member’s medical provider for support.

Can you use a portal locator on a patient portal?

Yes. Using the portal locator doesn’t affect your ability to use other URLs to log in to your patient portal.