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Duplicate Medical Records Cleanup | QuadraMed

11 hours ago patient web portal - quadramed. by Abbey Ziemann Published 7 months ago Updated 1 month ago 10 min read. How do I log in to my Patient Portal? Choose the Right Patient with QuadraMed. Registration is the biggest source of patient record duplication, data entry errors, and misidentification in many health systems. >> Go To The Portal

Keep Patient Data Accurate & Available

Our EMPI cleanup services and ongoing error prevention systems are built on an advanced probabilistic algorithm that provides real-time information, greatly minimizing the number of internal resources you need to dedicate to keeping your patient data accurate and available.

Improve Diagnostic Confidence & Outcomes

Without an EMPI, clinicians often base treatments on a fragmented medical record in their siloed view at their facility. When clinicians know they are treating the right patient with the most current medical records, diagnostic confidence increases and care outcomes improve.

Avoid Turnover & Re-Training Complications

Turnover among entry-level patient access staff is rapid and training those staff to identify duplicate patient records and choose the correct one is nearly impossible.

Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

QuadraMed ® never outsources or subcontracts your sensitive patient data. All of our professional EMPI diagnosis and cleanup services are managed from our secure, centralized, HIPAA-compliant operations center.

Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve

As federal initiatives for advanced patient matching and unique patient identifiers move through the legislature, mandates in the patient identification space are coming. Stay ahead of the compliance curve and become a leading example in low duplicate rates, clinical quality, and patient safety.

Will Your Hospital Be Ready to Meet New Targets?

Prepare for future patient matching standards and patient identification mandates, including Meaningful Use Stage 3 best practices for identity management. An ONC roadmap for accurate individual data matching calls for an internal duplicate record rate of no more than 0.5% by the end of 2020.

Advance Safety Initiatives

An efficient, automated EMPI that minimizes future patient identification errors will help advance your hospital’s data quality and patient safety initiatives tied to Meaningful Use, the Patient Safety Act, and other current and future federal programs.

What is a quadramed?

QuadraMed® is a leading provider of award-winning healthcare technologies and services that improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care. Founded in 1993, QuadraMed provides proven, flexible solutions that help make our clients successful by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and driving positive patient outcomes. Behind the Company’s products and services is a staff of 475 professionals who support clients at over 1,200 healthcare facilities. For information about QuadraMed, visit www.quadramed.com.

Where is LifeMed ID located?

LifeMed ID is a patient identity company based in Citrus Heights, CA. It provides a seamless add-on solution that requires no change in hardware, software, insurance verification or payment vendors, and has been named Gartner’s 2014 “New Cool Vendor” for their nonintrusive, scalable and high ROI solution. LifeMed ID addresses specific healthcare industry challenges such as automating patient identity, record matching, registration bottlenecks, clipboard registration, duplicate records, registration errors, and an increased need for a higher level of privacy and security.