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How can I get more information about patient services at quadmed?

Services at each QuadMed location vary per employer. Please contact your QuadMed health center or reach out to our patient services via email or phone (listed above) to learn more about the services available at your onsite clinic.

How do I become an eligible member of quadmed?

To be eligible, you must be a member through an employer who is partnered with QuadMed to offer health care services as part of their benefit offerings. Eligibility varies per employer, with some organizations, this may include spouses and dependent children.

How do I make an appointment with myquadmed?

Please login to your MyQuadMed account to schedule an appointment or call Patient Services to inquire about making an appointment. Is my health information secure? QuadMed operates in accordance with HIPAA and your personal health information is kept confidential.

How do I contact quad for a quote?

Keep up with Quad as we keep up with the world. YouTube; LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook; Contact: We welcome all feedback and inquiries. Call us at 888.782.3226. Email us or request a quote


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QuadMed is..

A full-line distributor of prehospital care supplies and equipment. We provide quality medical supplies & equipment at affordable prices, with fast delivery, and outstanding customer service!

What is QuadMed's highest priority?

At QuadMed, protecting the health and safety of our patients remains our highest priority.#N#As information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, we are taking preventive measures to reduce the risk of exposure to our patients while providing the essential health care services you depend on.

How to get a copy of my medical records?

To request a copy of your medical records, you must print and fill out the QuadMed Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI) form. You can return the form and submit the request multiple ways. See how by going to: https://myquadmed.com/how-to-request-your-medical-records/

Can you make same day appointments at my quadmed?

This varies per health center, however, to allow this type of flexible scheduling, we do work with our clinics to ensure same- day appointments be made available when possible. Please login to your MyQuadMed account to schedule an appointment or call Patient Services to inquire about making an appointment.

Does QuadMed share health information?

QuadMed operates in accordance with HIPAA and your personal health information is kept confidential. QuadMed does not share any personal health information with your employer without your permission unless your care resulted from a work-related, occupational health injury. Your data is kept secure, additionally, QuadMed health records cannot be accessed by other members. For more information, notice of privacy practices is available for review at your QuadMed health center.

How often do you have to do a biometric screening for Quad?

To maintain eligibility for either of Quad’s medical plans, eligible employees and their spouses must complete a biometric health screening every other year. New hires and their spouses must complete the screening within 60 days of the employee’s benefits eligibility date.

How to qualify for a lower premium on Quad?

To qualify for lower medical premiums, employees and spouses who enroll in either of Quad medical plans must undergo testing for cotinine , a byproduct of nicotine, as part of the biometric health screening. If you and/or your spouse are tobacco-free, you will qualify for lower medical plan premiums. If you are a tobacco user today, but become tobacco-free, you may have the testing redone. Once new testing reflects your tobacco-free status, your Health Plan Screening Checklist will be updated and premiums will be adjusted within the next two pay periods after QuadMed processes the screening results and confirms for Quad’s health plan the level of premium for which the employee qualifies.

Does QuadMed share health screening results?

Understand that the specific results of your health screening will not be shared with anyone at Quad. Screening results are handled independently by QuadMed and treated with the utmost privacy as required by law. QuadMed will only provide confirmation to the health plan on what level of premium for which you qualify based on the number of ranges you have met as part of your health screening (0 or 1 criteria; 2 or 3 criteria; or 4 or more criteria). If you’re the employee, the number of ranges you meet, as well as your tobacco status, will be used to determine your weekly healthcare premiums. If your spouse is on the plan, his or her tobacco results also will be taken into account when determining premiums.