pathology report for marilyn sue stone patient id number 116588

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11 hours ago PATHOLOGY REPORT Patient Name: Marilyn Sue Stone Patient ID: 116588 DOB: 01/24 Age: 50 Sex: F Pathology Report: S-255-09 Date of Surgery: 02/08/2021 Admitting Physician: Jessie D. Smith, MD, Orthopedics Preoperative Diagnosis: Failed right hip prosthesis. Postoperative Diagnosis: Failed right hip prosthesis. Specimen Submitted: Right hip hardware. >> Go To The Portal

Why is Rosetta Stone going public?

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What is a pathology lab?

This unit help to support cancer research and treatment for accurate diagnosis and effective cancer care to patients. The pathology unit had received an accreditation for laboratory from the Royal College of Pathologists of Thailand on June 30, 2011. Personnel This unit consists of 12 personnel; 2 consultant pathologists, 1 pathologist, 5 scientists, 2 administrative officers, and 2 operation staffs...

What are the four principles of pathology?

1.0 The definition and explanation of ethical principles in the pathology laboratory Ethics is defined by moral philosophy and study of what is right, fair, just and good: about what should be done , not just what is most acceptable or expedi ent (ref). The four principles of ethics are autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. In this report the ethical principle of non-maleficence, where the health care practices and obligations are to do no willful harm, execute no negligence or malpractice...