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Patient Portal | Nacogdoches Health Partners

4 hours ago Our patient portal allows you to: View and request appointments Request prescriptions and refills Patient Portal Our online patient portal allows you to … >> Go To The Portal

Why choose Nacogdoches Medical Partners for primary care?

At Nacogdoches Medical Partners, our primary care physicians at both of our Lindemann Family Medicine locations focus on treating the patient, not just the disease. Our staff of highly trained Nacogdoches doctors is dedicated to providing excellent care in every aspect.

Why choose Lindemann family medicine Nacogdoches?

It’s no wonder that patients will travel from all areas of the region to visit with a one of our Lindemann Family Medicine locations in Nacogdoches. Dr. Lindemann and her staff strive to treat their clients with compassion, professionalism, and efficiency for most of their health care needs.

What can I do in the online patient portal?

You can log into the online patient portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Our patient portal allows you to: View and request appointments Request prescriptions and refills View personal health information Update demographic information Browse health facts and information


Patient Portal

Patient engagement is a critical part of practicing medicine. When patients have information about their health, they are more likely to take proactive steps to improving lifestyles, adhering to physician instructions and being healthy. Calling for routine purposes is costly and inefficient for both the patient and their health providers.

Refill Request Procedure

In most cases we attempt to align your prescriptions with your need for a follow up appointment, meaning that when you run out of medication, it's time for an appointment. In rare instances there are patients that take so many medications that this just isn't possible or medications weren't refilled at the previous visit for an unrelated condition.

Medical advice online or by phone

Insurance companies and Medicare traditionally have not covered medical advice given over the phone or through the patient portal (email). Expect to be scheduled for an appointment in most cases for any medical advice or information beyond what can be found on the internet under the "Resources" tab of our website.

The Limits of Telephone Medicine

The problem with phone medicine is that you have to trust what you hear and act accordingly. Diagnosing an illness is a multi-dimensional process which incorporates four of the five senses.

Charges and fees

As set forth in our payment policy, any fees for service and copayments will be due at the time of service prior to seeing the doctor. Our fees and charges are, for the most part, set by Medicare and Insurance Companies. Please read the following links for a primer on insurance and what it actually means for you.

Billing Questions

For questions regarding your bill please call our office on Fridays to speak with our medical biller.

How do I sign up for the patient portal?

Soon after, you will receive an email invite that will provide a link to establish your own login and password information. If you don't receive an email, please check your spam / junk folder. You can also enroll after your registration process. Register by clicking on one of the links above using your personal information.

What do I need to enroll in the patient portal?

Enrolling in the patient portal only takes a few minutes. You simply need to provide a valid email address and an acceptable form of ID, which can include:

What lab results will be viewable in the patient portal?

Most common lab test results will be viewable in the patient portal, such as Labs, Radiology and Pathology results. Some sensitive results are not currently available. Results that are not included in the patient portal are:

Is a mobile version of the patient portal available?

The patient portal is also available as an app, or you can access your medical records through your iPhone’s Health app.

Can I set up and access my patient portal account during my hospital stay?

Yes, if you can access your email via computer, smart phone or other mobile device and also connect to the internet. If you don't have internet access during your hospital stay, please ask for the Patient Portal representative, who can easily assist you with logging in.

How can I get access to my health records on the Apple Health app?

If you use an an iPhone, you can access this hospital’s health records. Follow these steps:

How will My Health Rec benefit me?

My Health Rec allows you to view, download and transmit your up-to-date health information. Specifically, you can: