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What is Lake Loveland-ideal dermatology?

Lake Loveland Dermatology is now Ideal Dermatology located at 1708 N Boise Ave, Loveland, Colorado 80538. Your journey to healthy skin begins here. Lake Loveland-Ideal Dermatology offers a comprehensive approach to skin care, performing medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures.

Where can I get a dermatology appointment in Colorado?

Lake Loveland Dermatology also has practice sites in Fort Collins, Sterling, Windsor, Boulder, and Winter Park. Contact us at (970) 667-3116 to make an appointment!

What is the lakes dermatology EMA patient portal?

Welcome to the Lakes Dermatology EMA Patient Portal! We are pleased to offer you access to your personal health information through our EMA Patient Portal. This portal allows you to update your medical history, pharmacy information and medication list. You will also have access to information about your diagnoses and treatments.

Why Lake dermatology medical associates?

Our staff of dedicated physicians and physician assistants believe that compassion and professionalism are fundamental to high quality medical care. In any of the medical, surgical or cosmetic services we offer, patients at Lake Dermatology Medical Associates will be listened to and treated with respect.


Our dermatology services

We provide a full range of professional dermatology services here at our office in Loveland, and we have patients who come to us from throughout Larimer County. Come in and see a skin specialist for any issue you may be having.

Is it time for a skin specialist?

At Ideal Dermatology, we welcome patients with all types of concerns. It can be difficult to recognize what skin issues may require a trip to the dermatologist’s office, but we encourage anyone who is concerned about the health of their skin to get in touch with us for a professional evaluation.

What is the phone number for dermatology?

If you have not yet scheduled but would like to, please call us at (970) 667-3116. Medically Necessary In-Office Care: Our providers are evaluating all scheduled appointments to identify patients with medically necessary dermatological needs who need to be seen in our office.

What is telehealth in Colorado?

Telehealth: We have launched a Telehealth Platform to provide patient care for all eligible patients. This service is available for both new and established patients for conditions such as Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash, and any other medically necessary concerns. Our physicians will also be able to evaluate you if you require medication and/or if you need medication adjustments. Telehealth visits will be billed to insurance as an office visit. Colorado law now requires insurance plans to cover Telehealth visits as they would an “in-office” visit, including usual copay and deductible requirements. If you are already scheduled for a visit, and think that your concerns can be addressed by Telehealth, contact our office to convert your visit to a Telehealth visit or reschedule as needed. If you have not yet scheduled but would like to, please call us at (970) 667-3116.

What is Lake Dermatology?

The Lake Dermatology Medical Associates facility provides top of the line procedures to help smooth away wrinkles, including Botox and filler options. We also offer treatments for varicose and spider veins.

What is Lake Dermatology Medical Associates?

At Lake Dermatology Medical Associates we recognize that your choice of a dermatologist is driven both by the doctor or physician assistant’s competence and personality. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality dermatology care in an understanding and supportive atmosphere. We look forward to getting to know you and providing your dermatologic care.