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24 hours ago Welcome to your Patient Portal. Get started by verifying your access code, which you can find in the email, text, or print-out your provider gave you. help Questions? View our Patient Help Center. >> Go To The Portal

Is Kaiser Permanente the best health insurance on the market?

Top-rated for Medicare Advantage: Kaiser Permanente is a top-rated option for seniors everywhere we operate, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 list of best insurance companies for Medicare Advantage. In Colorado, Kaiser Permanente and its Medicare Advantage health plan stand alone as being rated best in the state.

How to contact Kaiser Permanente?

the Kaiser Permanente Customer Service Center. They may call (301) 468-6000; or 1-800-777-7902, toll-free outside the Washington metro calling area; or (301) 879-6380, TTY. Member Assistance and Resource Specialists are also available at most Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in the Center’s administration office.

Does Kaiser Permanente accept Medicare?

Medicare recipients can enroll in a Kaiser Permanente program if they are a resident of Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, or the District of Columbia.

Does Kaiser Permanente accept PPO?

Your Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan with Kaiser Permanente is not just health coverage — it’s a partnership in health. You can choose any licensed physician to provide care nationwide. Online features let you manage most of your care around the clock.

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How to set up a KP appointment?from healthy.kaiserpermanente.org

Sign on to kp.org to schedule routine appointments, view most lab results, refill prescriptions, and more. If you haven't registered yet, visit kp.org/register to set up your account .

Why is KP.org important?from healthy.kaiserpermanente.org

Because you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, kp.org is your connection to great health and great care. When you register, you can securely access many timesaving tools and resources to help you stay on top of your health.

Where to register for KP in Washington?from healthy.kaiserpermanente.org

If you are a Washington state resident and live outside of the Vancouver/Longview area, please register at kp.org/wa.

Is Kaiser Permanente responsible for external websites?from healthy.kaiserpermanente.org

will take you away from KP.org. Kaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external websites. Details

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Let us know your symptom or concern and we’ll guide you to timely, convenient care options. Or choose from the many other ways to get care when you need it.

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We believe there's no better place to prevent or treat cancer than with Kaiser Permanente.

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We'll help you keep diabetes under control so you can lead a healthy, active life.

Where is Kaiser located?from en.wikipedia.org

Various legal entities serve the areas of the US where Kaiser operates: California (the largest two), Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, and Washington.

How many blood samples does Kaiser have?from en.wikipedia.org

As of November 2018, the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank had over 300,000 samples, with a goal of 500,000. De-identified data is shared with both Kaiser researchers and researchers from other institutions.

How many people did Kaiser cover in California in 1990?from en.wikipedia.org

By 1990, Kaiser Permanente provided coverage for about a third of the population of the cities of San Francisco and Oakland; total Northern California membership was over 2.4 million. Elsewhere, Kaiser Permanente did not do as well, and its geographic footprint changed significantly in the 1990s.

How many people left Kaiser Permanente in 1945?from en.wikipedia.org

The end of World War II brought about a huge plunge in Kaiser Permanente membership; for example, 50,000 workers had left the Northern California yards by July 1945. Membership bottomed out at 17,000 for the entire system but then surged back to 26,000 within six months as Garfield aggressively marketed his plan to the public. Sidney Garfield & Associates had been a sole proprietorship, but in 1948, it was reorganized into a partnership, Permanente Medical Group.

How many regions does Kaiser Permanente cover?from en.wikipedia.org

Kaiser Permanente provides care throughout eight regions in the United States. Two or three (four, in the case of California) distinct but interdependent legal entities form the Kaiser system within each region. This structure was adopted by Kaiser Permanente physicians and leaders in 1955.

Why does Kaiser extend their hands?from kaiserhealthgroup.com

Kaiser extends their hands in order to build a good quality relationship especially with the hospital employees who handle HMO services.

What is Kaiser fined for?from en.wikipedia.org

Kaiser has been fined nearly $500k, more than any other health care employer in California, by Cal/OSHA for its violations regarding patient and staff safety following outbreaks of COVID-19 in Kaiser hospitals across California, though primarily in the Bay Area. Kaiser is responsible for more than 10% of all COVID violations in California. A COVID-19 outbreak sickened 92 people at Kaiser San Jose Medical Center on Christmas Day 2020. Kaiser San Leandro received the largest portion of fines, nearly $90k, for delays in reporting COVID infections and for failure to ration medical equipment according to pandemic regulations.


This case study describes and analyzes a breach of the confidentiality and integrity of personally identified health information (e.g. appointment details, answers to patients’ questions, medical advice) for over 800 Kaiser Permanente (KP) members through KP Online, a web-enabled health care portal.

Case Description

Serving over eight million members in nine states and the District of Columbia, Kaiser Permanente (KP) functions as an integrated health delivery system. In 1995 the KP Northern California region funded an innovation project to create an Internet Patient Portal known as “Kaiser Permanente Online” (KP Online).


This case study follows the long tradition of ethnographic research that focuses on extended “trouble cases.” 1–8 Trouble cases have the virtue of exposing the taken-for-granted principles of everyday life normally obscured by the apparently unproblematic patterns that drive routine living.


A full understanding of the KP Online breach requires technical, individual, group, organizational, and cross-level analysis.

Discussion: Lessons Learned from KP Online Breach

This case study offers cautionary lessons for health care administrators as well as areas for further research.


The authors thank staff at Kaiser Permanente for their review and comments on the paper and Sarah Riedle for her expert editing. The Georgetown University Institutional Review Board reviewed and approved the protocol for this study.