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Patient Portal - Hiawatha Community Hospital

7 hours ago WebCaring for you and our community since 1951 Patient Portal Amberwell Hiawatha is expanding the availability of services for our patients. In coming weeks we will add … >> Go To The Portal

What can Hiawatha Community Hospital do for You?

Whether you are experiencing a minor emergency or a life threatening situation, Hiawatha Community Hospital can provide the emergency care you need that is prompt, efficient, and effective. The Cardiac Rehab Department at Hiawatha Community Hospital provides comprehensive physical and occupational therapy to people of all ages.

What is the community hospital patient portal?

This interactive web portal empowers all Community Hospital patients and their families to take a more active role in their care by providing easy, secure access to health information and online communication with Patient Portal staff. All of the information in the Patient Portal comes from your Community Hospital Electronic Health Record.

Does Hiawatha community hospital provide speech therapy?

Speech therapy is provided on a limited basis. Hiawatha Community Hospital offers a wide range of surgical procedures for all families and age groups. Click here to learn more about our surgical services. HCH welcomes expectant mothers to deliver in a safe, comfortable, and private environment with confident, compassionate, and skilled staff.

Where does the information in the patient portal come from?

All of the information in the Patient Portal comes from your Community Hospital Electronic Health Record. This patient portal is not a wellness portal for our CHP users. If you are a School District 51, Mesa County or Strive employee, please visit the employer groups tab above. Securely message your health care provider


Amberwell Health and Hiawatha Community Hospital Announce Affiliation

Hiawatha Community Hospital and Amberwell Health announce today an affiliation to create a clinically integrated network to provide patients in Northeast Kansas improved access to a full spectrum of care close to home.

Hiawatha Affiliation FAQ

Learn more about the affiliation between Hiawatha Community Hospital and Amberwell Health.

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Hiawatha Community Hospital announces today the adoption of a new name as one of the first steps in the affiliation process with Amberwell Health. Beginning May 3rd, both the complete …

Amberwell Hiawatha CEO Retirement Announced

Amberwell Health announces today that John Broberg, MA, FACHE, Amberwell Hiawatha Chief Executive Officer, has set his retirement date to be effective August 31, 2021. Upon Mr. Broberg’s retirement, the …