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OptimEyes | OptimEyes: Henry Ford Health

18 hours ago We embrace our tradition of excellence and commitment to patient care. ... Walk-in interviews are now available at Henry Ford OptimEyes locations. Learn more. Skip to main content. Buy … >> Go To The Portal

How do I contact Henry Ford OptimEyes customer service?

Henry Ford OptimEyes strives to maintain the highest level of customer service by keeping careful track of all of our customer's comments and concerns. If you would like to offer a comment or concern about Henry Ford OptimEyes, please contact us at hfowebsitechat@optimeyes.com. What information do I need to order my Eyeglasses?

Why choose Henry Ford OptimEyes?

Henry Ford OptimEyes offers complete eye care and eyewear from the experts you trust. Use our easy, interactive tool to find the best fit. Protect your eyeglass investment. Are you caring for your eyeglass lenses properly?

What happens if my Henry Ford OptimEyes prescription expires?

Henry Ford OptimEyes is an advocate of proper eye health and encourages all its patients to receive yearly eye examinations. If your prescription is expired, a customer service representative will remind you to visit your eyecare professional. How does prescription verification work?

How do I make a payment to Henry Ford Bill Pay?

Contact your doctor for a new prescription Login to Henry Ford Bill Pay, click here, to make a payment, set up a payment plan, and view your statement and account details. Forgot username? Forgot password? New User? Loading... A new popup window called Connection Problem has appeared. We experienced a problem while communicating with the server.