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Patient Portal Information – Student Health Services

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What can students do in the patient portal?

Students can view and enter immunization records, upload documents, enter insurance information, read education material from Student Health, and get secure messages from your provider. Other features will be made available as implementation continues. If you have technical difficulty using the Patient Portal, use the form below to report it.

What is the Washington gastroenterology patient portal?

The Washington Gastroenterology Patient Portal allows you to track all aspects of your healthcare as well as communicate with our practice easily, safely and securely. Through the Patient Portal, you can:

What do I do if I have technical difficulty using the patient portal?

If you have technical difficulty using the Patient Portal, use the form below to report it. How do I upload documents to the Patient Portal? We will review and respond to reported issues within 5 business days after receiving the form.


What is a Ggastro service note?

gGastro® service notes are dynamic, and capable of incorporating changes made to a patient’s chart in various areas of the application. This allows new information to be available immediately, but it may be an unwelcomed change in a service note. Protect your service notes from unwanted, or unexpected changes by locking them. The Auto-Lock feature is a great fail-safe for those instances where one may forget to lock the note. Enable it today!

How to keep collections moving in GPM?

Keep your collections accounts moving through the process in gPM™ without extra manual intervention by enabling the collections automation feature. This feature will automatically update your collections accounts to the next appropriate status and generate associated letters so that these accounts don’t sit stagnant in the collections queue.

Why do you need to prescribe medications electronically?

Prescribing medications electronically helps to improve accuracy and reduce errors. You can also prescribe controlled substances electronically in gGastro®, and in some states, you may be required to.

What is ggasstro mobile?

gGastro® Mobile allows you to monitor tasks on your iPhone or Android as you navigate your busy schedule. This allows you to respond to requests, and even review or sign results and documents more timely.

Can you use ggasor for a procedure that is unavailable?

If your internet connection is down, or gGastro® is unavailable for some other reason, your procedures can continue as scheduled. With Disconnected Image Capture, you can capture images and store them until gGastro® becomes available. Then, securely import them into the patient’s service.

Can you unlink pages in GGAstro?

Scan more efficiently by bulk scanning documents into gGastro®. Then, you can unlink the pages with a single click to file individually. After unlinking, if specific pages must remain together, you can just as easily re-link them!