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6 hours ago For assistance with FMH Patient Portal email or call 877-621-8014. ... Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. 907-452-8181; 1650 Cowles Street; Fairbanks, Alaska, 99701; Community … >> Go To The Portal

Where can I find patient portals in Alaska?

Foundation Health Partners offers secure electronic Patient Portals at Tanana Valley Clinic (TVC), Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH), and Porter Heart Vascular Center (PHVC). This allows you to manage your health care and access your health information, whenever you need it.

Where is the Fairbanks clinic located?

Welcome to the Fairbanks Clinic! announcing our new location! 1211 Cushman st, Fairbanks, AK, 99701. On the Second floor of the Fairbanks Urology building. Become a new patient with us! Schedule a New appointment here!

What is the FMH patient portal?

The FMH patient portal is a secure online resource to view upcoming appointments, access your health record, and manage your care at your convenience. You must be at least 18 years old to establish an account and view information. You must be a patient of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, or have otherwise utilized any of its clinical services.

What is the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation?

The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation was born out of the principles that founded our community hospital more than a hundred years ago; the promise to offer quality, innovative, personalized care to our community.


What is medical care?from fairbanksclinic.com

Medical care includes supporting the appropriate continuing medical education needs of physicians and staff, and providing education to both patients and the community we serve.

Can Fairbanks Clinic help with a concussion?from fairbanksclinic.com

We can help repair injuries big and small. From a minor cut, bruise or burn to something more serious like a sprain, broken bone, or concussion, count on the experts at Fairbanks Clinic for aid.

What is Fairbanks Memorial Hospital?from health.usnews.com

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Fairbanks, AK is a general medical and surgical facility.

How many providers are there at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital?from health.usnews.com

176 providers practice at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. See a list of providers at US News.

What is community access?from health.usnews.com

Community access is calculated as the percentage of local patients by race or ethnicity treated at this hospital for elective inpatient procedures compared to their proportion within the community. The hospital’s community is defined as its hospital service area (HSA), a group of surrounding zip codes whose residents receive a majority of care from hospitals in the area.