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29 hours ago The Patient Portal is a web-based system that allows for secure communication and transfer of information between the clinic and the patient. When a patient logs in to the Portal, current data is pulled directly from the clinic’s e-MDs Solution Series database and displayed on the web page viewed by the patient. >> Go To The Portal

What is EMDs’?

Helping your practice deliver the best care possible with our EHR, Practice Management, RCM, Credentialing, and Enrollment solutions. eMDs’, a brand of CompuGroup Medical, electronic health record and practice management software is designed for busy practices just like yours.

How do I view my patient information in the patient portal?

If your provider sends a message to your Patient Portal, the provider will have the option to send a copy of that message to all active patient representative accounts. To view the personal, contact, census, or insurance information that the clinic has on file for you, click the applicable button.

How do I access my Portal account information?

To access your Portal Account information, click the My Account link in the blue navigation bar on the Portal home page. This area of the Portal contains a series of buttons that provide access to certain types of account information.


What is portal in a clinic?

The Portal provides a convenient communication link between you and your clinic. For example, you might use Portal to send a message to a particular staff member, request a referral, request a medication refill, or schedule an appointment.

What is the URL of a clinic's patient portal?

When your clinic creates a Patient Portal account for you, a message will be sent to the email address you provided to the clinic. The message will contain the URL (Internet address) for your clinic's Patient Portal. It will also contain a user name and password, which you must use to log in to the Portal.

What is a CCR portal?

Your Portal allows you to view a Continuity of Care Record (CCR) which contains a “snapshot” of the health summary information currently documented in your electronic medical record at your doctor’s office. You can print a copy of your CCR, or you can save a copy to your computer.

Can you refill prescriptions through the Patient Portal?

Some clinics allow patients to use the Patient Portal to request a refill for an existing prescription. Refill requests sent to the clinic via the Portal must be reviewed and approved by a clinic provider before they will be refilled.

Can I request an appointment if I don't have a patient portal?

If you do not have a Patient Portal user name and password, you can still request an appointment using the link on the Portal home page. Your request will be forwarded to the clinic’s waiting list.

Can you change your password on the Portal?

You can view and update your Portal account information (examples: password, email address) from within the Portal. It is strongly recommended that you change your password immediately after you receive the initial notification that your account has been set up and on a regular basis thereafter.


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