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What can the Portal do for my patient?

We are excited to be able to offer the portal to our patients which will allow them to review demographics, laboratory and other test, Medication lists, upcoming appointments, statements, reminders and also allows for the ability to send and receive secure email communication with their doctor’s office.

How do I sign up for the patient portal?

If you would like to sign up for the Patient Portal you must currently be a patient of Clinical Associates. You can then call your Primary Care Office and request a token to become a member. If you're already a member of our patient portal you can click below to sign in.

How do I contact eClinicalWorks sales?

Support login - eClinicalWorks Sales: 508-836-2700 Contact Us Schedule a Demo Customer Portal Pricing Toggle navigation Home Products & Services Hospital Management Solution Telehealth Electronic Health Records Population Health Management Patient Engagement Revenue Cycle Management Health Centers Interoperability The Cloud Pricing Resources


Can I access eClinicalWorks from home?

Work From Anywhere, Anytime As an eClinicalWorks Cloud customer, you can run the eClinicalWorks EHR/PM on Windows (natively or through the Google Chrome browser), on a Mac (through the Google Chrome browser), or if you prefer, the eClinicalTouch EHR for iPad.

Does eClinicalWorks have a patient portal?

A Complete, Customizable Solution for Healthcare Professionals. The Patient Portal is tightly linked to the EMR and offers healthcare professionals a complete EHR solution. With the Patient Portal, practices can brand their portal by adding their personalized logo or a welcome message to the Patient Portal homepage.

Does eClinicalWorks have an app?

eClinicalMobile Android App Users are able to access schedules, write prescriptions, and access encounters with the peace of mind that the data is encrypted and hosted on a secure gateway.

What is eClinicalWorks Healow?

Summary. Healow is a patient facing mobile health app and virtual visit tool for providers that use eCW. Providers can provide patient care by doing an audio or video call if the patient has the Healow app. Information submitted and conveyed by patients during a Healow TeleVisit can be directly imported into the EHR.

What is the ECW health portal?

The eClinicalWorks (eCW) Patient Portal provides online access to patient information, which may include problem list, allergies, medications, lab and radiology results, and other clinical documents. By using eClinicalWorks Patient Portal this information can be accessed at your convenience.

How do I log into eClinicalWorks 11e?

ECW 11e can be accessed from ECW 11 by navigating to the “Help” menu and choosing “Launch 11e URL” from the dropdown list. ... The first time you log into 11e, you will probably be required set up authentication.More items...

Can you use eClinicalWorks on an iPad?

eClinicalTouch v3 puts you on the leading edge of healthcare innovation, combining the convenience, functionality and portability of an iPad with the industry-leading functionality of eClinicalWorks.

Who owns eClinicalWorks?

Girish Kumar NavanieClinicalWorks's CEO and Co-founder Girish Kumar Navani Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2009 Award Winner in New England.

Is eClinicalWorks compatible with Apple?

Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Is healow owned by eClinicalWorks?

healow Telehealth Solutions is just part of the comprehensive healthcare IT solutions available from eClinicalWorks.

Does the healow app cost money?

healow will directly connect patients to all of their own and their family's EHRs, enabling immediate access to personal medical records, and facilitating two-way communication between providers and patients. How much does the healow app cost? The app is free to download and use.

What app is healow?

healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor's office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app.

Is eClinicalWorks cloud based?

eClinicalWorks V11 is the next step in the evolution of healthcare IT, a cloud-based EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of value-based care.

How do I contact eClinicalWorks?

Customer Portal: my.eclinicalworks.com. Phone: (508) 475-0450.