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Cardiology, P.C. Patient Portal | Pay Your Bill Online and …

8 hours ago WebCardiology, PC provides an online patient portal through Follow My Health. The Patient Portal offers secure online access where patients can: View upcoming appointments … >> Go To The Portal

How do I access my cardiology PC of Hartford patient portal?

Patients of Cardiology PC of Hartford can access their patient portal by clicking the link below. Hartford HealthCare Medical Group's cardiology and thoracic specialists are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment and long-term management of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

What can you expect from cardiology PC?

Welcome to Cardiology, PC! At Cardiology, P.C., we are committed to pursuing the best treatment options for our patients. We diagnose and treat heart and circulatory diseases, take a team approach to comprehensive patient care, and are at the cutting edge of clinical research.

How do I log in to the patient portal?

The Patient Portal offers secure online access where patients can: If you have already registered for our Patient Portal, Click Here to log-in. If you would like to use Cardiology, PC’s Patient Portal please call 205-780-4330 to request an invitation or do so at your next appointment.

How do I request an invitation to use cardiology patient portal?

If you would like to use Cardiology, PC’s Patient Portal please call 205-780-4330 to request an invitation or do so at your next appointment. If you would like to pay your bill online, please Click Here .


What is the phone number for the Heart and Vascular Institute?from

Call 833.444.0014 to request an appointment with a cardiologist at the Heart & Vascular Institute. Ask your doctor for a referral before you call.

What is interventional heart care?from

Interventional & Surgical Heart Care. Your cardiologist may recommend a procedure to help diagnose or treat your heart condition. Rely on the Heart & Vascular Institute for coordinated care when your cardiologist works closely with other specialists, such as: Cardiac surgeons. Electrophysiologists.

What is the job of a cardiologist?from

Cardiologists care for your heart and blood vessels. They’re skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide range of heart conditions without surgery. Your cardiologist also can help you learn about your risk of heart disease and create a preventive care plan. Find a Cardiologist.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?from

Cardiac rehabilitation: Helps you improve your heart health through exercise, nutrition, stress management, and more

What to do if you have a heart attack?from

You’ll benefit from one-on-one care that addresses your symptoms so you can live a full, active life. If you or a loved one has signs or symptoms of a heart attack, call 911 right away.

What is the phone number for MyChartPlus?

For questions about using MyChartPLUS you can call the support line at 860.972.4993 or email

What is MyChartPLUS?

MyChartPLUS allows you to actively participate in your care, and also alerts you to important health-related reminders to help you better plan the details of your ongoing health care, using your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Does Hartford Healthcare have a cures act?

You now have immediate access to more information in your MyChartPLUS electronic medical record, including additional clinical results and clinician notes as soon as they’re complete. This immediate access to information is part of the 21st Century Cures Act, an effort that Hartford Healthcare is taking to ensure transparency and fulfill our vision of being most trusted for personalized coordinated care.

What is patient portal?

The patient portal is an opportunity for better coordination with your family and doctor, better management of your appointments and medications, and ultimately, better heart health. Here’s everything you can do online once you sign up and log in:

What is the phone number for the Cardiology Associates of Schenectady?

If you believe that these security measures have been compromised, immediately change your password and report the matter to the Cardiology Associates of Schenectady Security Officer at (518)-377-8184.

Does Cardiology Associates of Schenectady charge a fee?

We do not charge a service fee, but if patients misuse the portal, we reserve the right to terminate those patients’ access or otherwise modify the services offered through the portal.

Is EHR portal read only?

Patient editing of electronic health records (EHRs). Portal EHR access is read-only. If patients believe that their records are incorrect, they should review the Cardiology Associates of Schenectady Notice of Privacy Practices for instructions on how to request correction or amendment.

What to do if you have issues logging into your patient portal?from

If you’re having issues logging into your patient portal, please contact your medical provider’s office for support.

Can you use a portal locator on a patient portal?from

Yes. Using the portal locator doesn’t affect your ability to use other URLs to log in to your patient portal.