a nurse is receiving report on a patient who is postoperative following a zenkers diverticulum

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A nurse is receiving report on a client who is …

9 hours ago  · See Page 1. A nurse is receiving report on a client who is postoperative following an open repair of Zenker's Diverticulum. The nurse should anticipate the surgical incision to be in which of the following locations? (You will find hot spots to select in the artwork below. Select only the hot A.) Throat. >> Go To The Portal

Can Zenker’s diverticulum return after surgery?

DO realize that Zenker’s diverticulum can sometimes return after surgery (less than 4% of cases). DO understand that if treatment is conservative, you should eat soft foods (e.g., mashed potatoes) that can be easily chewed and swallowed.

What is a Zenker’s diverticulum (CP)?

Sometimes a pouch, called a Zenker’s Diverticulum, can form just above the muscle. To help us swallow, surgeons cut the CP either by working through our mouth (endoscopic) or by making an incision in our neck (open). Incision: If there is an incision in your neck, this will be covered with skin glue.

What are the symptoms of Zenker’s diverticulum?

What Are the Symptoms of Zenker’s Diverticulum? The most common complaint is trouble swallowing (called dysphagia) solids and liquids. Coughing, bad breath (halitosis), weight loss, fullness in the neck, and spitting up undigested food are others.

What are the preoperative considerations for the treatment of diverticulitis?

PREOPERATIVE PREPARATIONS NURSING CONSIDERATIONS General anesthesia with intubation. Paralysis: Although initial exposure of the diverticulum may be improved by paralysis, the relaxation of the cricopharyngeus may complicate the treatment measures. Informed written consent was obtained.

After Surgery Care

Incision: If there is an incision in your neck, this will be covered with skin glue. You will need to keep this dry for 5 days. When you shower, cover this with a bandage, then remove the bandage after the shower and pat the incision dry. After the 5th day, you can shower normally and let the incision get wet.

How to Call Your Surgeon

If it is urgent due to bleeding or difficulty breathing, call 911 or go directly to the closest emergency room without calling ahead.

Postoperative Appointments

These appointments will have been made for 3 months following the surgery. In addition to the office visits, a swallow study will be scheduled on the same day just before your second postoperative appointment. This appointment schedule will have been given to you with your preoperative packet of instructions.