a nurse has finished getting shift report. which patient should the nurse see first

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17 hours ago After change-of-shift report, which patient should the nurse assess first? a. Patient with a repaired mandibular fracture who is complaining of facial pain b. Patient with an unrepaired intracapsular left hip fracture whose leg is externally rotated c. Patient with an unrepaired Colles' fracture who has right wrist swelling and deformity d. >> Go To The Portal

How many hours does the nurse return to assess the patient?

The nurse returns in one hour and assesses the patient. Which ethical principal has guided this action? A nurse turns a patient every 2 hours to prevent pressure ulcers, even though turning the patient is uncomfortable. Which ethical principal guides this action?

Which client should the nurse assess first?

Which client should the nurse assess first? 1. The client with Guillain-Barré syndrome who has ascending paralysis to the knees. 2. The client with a C-6 spinal cord injury who has autonomic dysreflexia.

What are the SBAR questions to ask a reporting nurse?

Although a SBAR is a great tool, the oncoming nurse should still ask the reporting nurse important questions regarding the patients status that may not be included in the SBAR. Does that patient have any family?

Which action should the nurse implement first in a motor vehicle accident?

The nurse is the first person on the scene of a motor vehicle accident. The driver is in the driver's seat unconscious. Which action should the nurse implement first? 1. Stabilize the driver's cervical spine. 2. Do not move the client from the accident. 3. Ensure the driver has a patent airway. 4. Control any external bleeding

Which patient should the nurse assess first after receiving a shift report?

The nurse has received the shift report. Which client should the nurse assess first? Assess the client for abnormal bleeding.

Which patient should the nurse assess first?

Begin first with the patient who has the highest priority and progress to the patient who has the lowest priority. A nurse is performing a complete physical assessment of an adolescent.

Which actions by a nurse are reportable to the state Board of Nursing?

Who Can/Should file a complaint with the Board of Registered Nursing?gross negligence or incompetence.unprofessional conduct.license application fraud.misrepresentation.substance abuse.mental illness.unlicensed activity.

When triaging emergency room clients which client should the nurse assess first?

Nurse triage is needed in a number of situations, including within the emergency department. The nurse must assess which client is at the highest risk of being in a life-threatening situation. The first client who must be assessed is the one who has a situation that threatens the airway, breathing, or circulation.

Which patients should be seen first?

In triage, a nurse typically prioritizes each patient's condition into one of three general categories: Immediately life threatening. Urgent, but not necessarily immediately life threatening. Less urgent.

How do you prioritize which patient to see first?

0:309:32Patient Prioritization for fundamentals. Part 1 - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow obviously anyone who does have an airway breathing or circulation issue comes first in terms ofMoreNow obviously anyone who does have an airway breathing or circulation issue comes first in terms of priority.

What happens when a nurse is reported to the board?

Once a complaint hits their desk, the board has to determine if the facts as stated in the complaint are a violation of the laws that govern a nurse's practice. If so, an investigation is initiated, and the nurse may respond to the allegations. The board then resolves the complaint. It may or may not require a hearing.

What are the 4 choices every RN has when given an assignment?

Terms in this set (33)accept.refuse.refuse and request peer review (if disciplined)(301.352)accept and file safe harbor(303.005)

Which of the following may be issued when an investigation concludes that a nurse poses an immediate threat to the health safety and welfare of the people of Florida?

Emergency actions usually take the form of a summary suspension of a nurse's license. The general standard for this action is clear and convincing evidence that continued practice by the nurse would present a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public. This action may be revised after the full investigation.

In what order should the nurse assess assigned clients following shift Report place in priority order?

Terms in this set (59) In what order should the nurse assess assigned clients following shift report? Place in priority order.

In which order would the nurse care for clients according to priority of care based on triage tag color quizlet?

Red-tagged clients have major injuries, black-tagged clients are expected and allowed to die, and yellow-tagged clients have major injuries.

What is the basic sequence of nursing triage?

The triage registered nurse might assign you a priority level based on your medical history and current condition according to the following scale: Level 1 – Resuscitation (immediate life-saving intervention); Level 2 – Emergency; Level 3 – Urgent; Level 4 – Semi-urgent; Level 5 – Non-urgent.

What is SBAR in nursing?

A nurse prepares to contact a patient's physician about a change in the patient's condition. Put the following statements in the correct order using SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation).

What is NANDA I?

NANDA-I approved diagnosis are related to nursing actions, such as acute pain. The other choices are medical diagnosis which define the patient's condition.

What is abdominal distention?

Abdominal distention is a defining characteristic in the nursing care plan as related to constipation.

When does a nurse use SBAR?

A nurse uses SBAR when providing a hands-off report to the oncoming shift. What is the rationale for the nurse's action?