1. after receiving the hand-off report, which patient would the oncology nurse see first?

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After receiving the hand-off report, which client should the oncology nurse see first? Click card to see the answer answer Older client on chemotherapy with mental status changes Older clients often do not exhibit classic signs of infection, and often mental status changes are the first observation.

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How does the nurse assess the client in the emergency department?

A client in the emergency department reports difficulty breathing. The nurse assesses the clients appearance as depicted below: What action by the nurse is the priority? a. Assess blood pressure and pulse. b. Attach the client to a pulse oximeter. c. Have the client rate his or her pain. d.

What is the nurse doing in the oncology clinic?

A nurse in the oncology clinic is providing preoperative education to a client just diagnosed with cancer. The client has been scheduled for surgery in 3 days. What action by the nurse is best?

What is a handoff report in nursing?

A handoff report is a two-way verbal interaction between the health care professional giving the report and the nurse receiving it. d. The receiving nurse takes the time to restate (report back) the information to verify what was said. e.

How many clients does the nurse review the laboratory results for?

The nurse reviews the laboratory results for 4 assigned clients. Which result is most important for the nurse to report to the primary health care provider? 1. Client with atrial fibrillation receiving warfarin for 7 days with an International Normalized Ratio (INR) of 1.3 2.

What is oncology nurse?

1. A nurse in the oncology clinic is providing preoperative education to a client just diagnosed with cancer. The client has been scheduled for surgery in 3 days. What action by the nurse is best?

Why should a nurse check IV sites hourly?

The most important intervention is prevention, so the nurse should check hourly to ensure the IV site is patent, or frequently depending on facility policy.

Can a client investigate a support group?

The client may or may not be ready to investigate a support group, but this does not help with teaching. Giving information in writing is important (if the client can read it), but in itself will not be enough. Telling the client that surgery will be over soon is giving false reassurance and does nothing for teaching.

What does a nurse notice when a client has a numb foot?

A nurse notices that a client who is 1-day postoperative knee replacement surgery has a cool numb foot with a weak peripheral pulse. The nurse pages and asks the health care provider (HCP) to come see the client. The HCP states that the client's foot has been like that since surgery and that there is no need to come.

What is a LPN?

1. LPN assigned to a client with a gastrointestinal bleed and hypotension who is receiving blood and requires vital sign monitoring every hour . 2. LPN assigned to a newly admitted client with a bowel obstruction who is experiencing severe abdominal pain .

What is the pulse of a paralytic ileus?

2. Client with alcoholic cirrhosis who has coffee ground nasogastric drainage, blood pressure of 90/60 mm Hg, and pulse of 110/min .

What is exploratory laparotomy?

The surgeon explains to the client's child, who speaks both Spanish and English, that an exploratory laparotomy is needed to determine the cause of the obstruction and possible causes include intestinal adhesions and ovarian or colon cancer.

What is the name of the rash that a 20 year old girl has?

1. 20-year-old college student who reports getting a ringlike, red bull's eye-shaped, itchy leg rash after hiking in the woods 2 days ago . 2. 65-year-old female with pneumonia taking antibiotics who reports white, curdlike vaginal discharge and itching .

What is the oxygen requirement for a client who did not require CPR?

1. Client who did not require CPR but now has a new oxygen requirement of 2L via nasal cannula to maintain a saturation of 95%. 2. Client who did not require CPR but was coughing on arrival to the hospital and is now crying inconsolably and asking for the mother.

How long should I wait to take a second puff of a syringe?

4. Shake canister well for 3-5 seconds. 5. Tilt head back slightly and exhale slowly for 3-5 seconds. 6. Wait at least 1-2 minutes before taking a second puff, if prescribed. 3. Several children are brought to the emergency room after a boating accident in which they were thrown into the water.